Wield The Power Of Infinity With This New Gauntlet From Hasbro

It’s so obvious that this was going to be made eventually, but it didn’t register that it would. Hasbro has gone and made our dreams come true with a screen accurate Infinity Gauntlet. This massive 1:1 scale replica features light up infinity stones and sounds. It is awesome that each of the stones looks different….

Check Out These Antman & Wasp Toys Coming Soon From Hasbro

Earlier this week the new trailer for the upcoming Antman & Wasp film was released and it looks awesome. It appears to follow the events of Civil War and has the gang on the run probably after Cap bust them all out of the Raft. Naturally with any Marvel movie there is the accompanying tie-in…

Hasbro Marvel Legends Black Panther Helmet Revealed Ahead Of Toy Fair

It looks like Hasbro is continuing their line of premium roleplay pieces. This time they are offering a gorgeous helmet based on the suit from the upcoming Black Panther film. Got your ticket yet?  Like previous releases, the helmet is a full 1:1 replica, this time of the king of Wakanda’s Vibranium tech suit. The…

Live Out Your Deadpool Fantasy With These Roleplay Products From Hasbro

These new role play items from Hasbro are an interesting product to say the least. Normally items like this would be targeted towards kids, but these have a targeted age of 14 and up. Do teenagers like to roleplay? I wouldn’t dream of doing something like that when I was that age, but times change….

Black Series Darth Vader Roleplay Helmet Official Images

Today Hasbro sent out hi-res images of their new Star Wars Role play Darth Vader helmet. Check out the hi-res images below. This is a nice reproduction of the iconic Sith Lords helmet. The helmet will have magnetic connections with sealing and breathing sounds. You get a nice view of the inside and the detailing…