Check Out These New Venom & Carnage Action Figures Hitting Stores This Fall


During the 90’s, Venom was huge. He was everywhere and he eventually spawned another symbiote who is arguably even more popular, Carnage. While other symbiotes have come and gone, they have always been the top two in no particular order.

With the upcoming movie and the fact that Eddie Brock is back in control, it makes sense that we would be getting some awesome new figures based on the iconic symbiotes. Check out these images of the upcoming products hitting shelves later this year.

While I am not personally a fan of the line, it seems to be doing well as Hasbro keeps pumping out new figures for the line. These two are just simple paint swaps.

Next up is a two pack featuring both symbiotes in an animated style. The packaging features some gorgeous box art.

Finally, the figures I am most excited for, new Marvel Venom Legends figures! I would have never thought that we would get a whole wave centered around Venom, but if Deadpool can, why not Venom? They seem to be mostly the same as the most recent releases, but with added accessories. I am still pretty satisfied with the current versions, but the Carnage is a must buy for no other reason than to get those alternate hands.

These will hits shelves later this year, but we will probably get to see them at Toy Fair in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned for more info.

Marvel Universe Venom Variant Play Arts Kai Figure
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Marvel Premier Collection Venom Statue
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Anti-Venom Marvel Statue

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