Packaged Photos Surface Of The Next Avengers Wave


Last year we got to see images of the comic based figures from the next Avengers wave and while they were cool, we all knew that it the rest ofvthe wave would most likely be made up of MCU figures. Well, images have now surfaced online of the full wave in hand and now we know what we will be getting soon

As usual we are getting more Captain America and Ironman figures as well as Spider-Man in the costume first seen at the end of Spider-Man Homecoming. Cap and Ironman are easy passes for me, but the Spider-Man may make it onto my Spider-shelf. 

The only other MCU figure of note, besides the BAF is the movie based Proxima Midnight. She is mostly faithful to her comic appearance except she is not wearing the the helmet. Kind of a bummer, but like most in the MCU she would probably take it off 2 seconds after appearing on screen.

As most theorized, the BAF is a movie Thanos with the Infinity Guantlet. I’m on the fence. It’s not terrible, I just prefer the comic version that will be coming out soon as a Wal-Mart exclusive.

As these are not official images, there is no official word when these will be released here, but we should find out more during Toy Fair.

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Wonder Woman DC Comics Premium Format(TM) Figure

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