Live Out Your Deadpool Fantasy With These Roleplay Products From Hasbro


These new role play items from Hasbro are an interesting product to say the least. Normally items like this would be targeted towards kids, but these have a targeted age of 14 and up. Do teenagers like to roleplay? I wouldn’t dream of doing something like that when I was that age, but times change.

While I certainly wouldn’t wear this anywhere, I could see mounting it on my wall. At a very reasonable price of $9.99, there is no reason to pass this up.

This is one I wish was in the Marvel Legends Roleplay line. I can certainly see why they did not though.  You can’t sell real katana to people off the shelf at Toys R Us. They are modeled after the swords he carries in the comics and feature the little Deadpool face logo. This set will run for $19.99 this fall.

This last item looks to be a new addition to the Titan Series line of twelve inch, limited articulation figures. They don’t usually come with accessories but this one will come with a katana. Again, this is targeted towards kids 14 and up.

Look for these to hit shelves later this fall.

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