Marvel Premier Collection Cable & Elektra


Diamond Select Toys has a real winner on their hands here!  Their Gallery line is a good place to start if you want to start collecting statues, but if you want a more premium item, you should try their Premier Collection. While these aren’t their first offerings, these are certainly top notch.

First up is their rendition of the assassin, Elektra. This breathtaking sculpture of Marvel’s premier assassin is posed atop a marbled pedestal, holding her signature twin sais. A great piece for any collection.

This Cable is truly a piece every X-Men fan should have. Cable is one of the 90’s greatest characters. With his giant pouches and ridiculously sized guns, he is everything we loved about 90’s Marvel.

These pieces go for about $150.00 each and they look to be worth every penny. Order yours now at Entertainment Earth.

Marvel Premier Collection Cable Statue
Order Marvel Premier Collection Cable Statue from Entertainment Earth!

Marvel Premier Collection Elektra Statue
Order Marvel Premier Collection Elektra Statue from Entertainment Earth!

Magneto Marvel Maquette

Entertainment Earth

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