Toys R Us Exclusive Marvel Legends Klaw & Shuri Two-pack Images and Impressions


With the release of Black Panther fast approaching, everyone is smartly flooding the market with accompanying merchandise. Hasbro has partnered with Toys R Us to offer an exclusive two-pack featuring Shuri and Klaw. Let’s take a look at this set based on two characters from the upcoming movie.

This set features Klaw and Shuri in their comic forms. Klaw is quite awesome and uses the Sunfire body mold. The articulation is pretty well done. If you have Sunfire you know what you are getting in terms of articulation. It’s a significant improvement over Hasbro’s previous attempt at a Klaw figure. I was fine with my old one, but it will probably go into the drawer of figures I have not found a place to display.

Shuri is…not as satisfying to have. The overall look of the figure is fine. It looks awesome in the package and is an excellent representation of Shuri during her time as the Black Panther. The issues however come in to play when trying to pose her. She has no ab crunch so she can’t get into any dynamic poses you would expect of an athletic character. For the most part I didn’t even want to try. The right foot peg is super tight and I could see the plastic changing colors as I tried to move it front and back.

Overall, the set is okay. I love the new Klaw figure, but I don’t really care for the Shuri figure. Its really fun posing Klaw and stressful posing Shuri. Hasbro really needs to improve the articulation for their female figures. It’s crazy that none of their female figures have an crunch or double jointed elbows. You can find this set at your local Toys R Us now. Don’t forget to get your tickets to the movie!

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