Spider-Man & Mary Jane Animated Statue by Gentle Giant


It makes no difference who Marvel pairs Parker up with, for most long time fans Mary Jane will always be the only one for Spider-Man. Unfortunately, in the main their marriage has been controversially ended and he is currently dating Mockingbird.

Luckily, Marvel is putting out a book monthly that shows what Spider-Man’s life could have been like if they had remained married. This new statue from Gentle Giant is based on the Skottie Young variant of the first issue of the Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows series.

The Skottie Young style is just plain awesome. It translates so well to collectibles. I wish we could get an animated series based on his art. It would a fun little show and could be the Marvel equivalent of Teen Titans Go.

The Spider-Man and Mary Jane Animated Statue is now up for preorder on Entertainment Earth. They are offering free shipping, so that should help with the $114.99 price. Lock in your preorder now before they are pre-sold out. It will ship sometime in March.

Spider-Man and Mary Jane Animated Statue
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