Magneto Maquette by Sideshow Collectibles Now Up For Preorder


Am I the only one wondering what the difference is between a statue and a maquette?  A maquette is a small scale model or rough draft of an unfinished sculpture. Ah. Small scale model. A statue is typically life sized or larger. Now that we all know the difference, let’s look at the new maquette from Sideshow Collectibles based on the Master of Magnetism.

This isn’t based on a Jim Lee sketch, but it sure feels like it was inspired by his art from X-Men #1( 1991). He is depicted here crushing a Sentinel with his amazing magnetic abilities.

Magneto comes with an alternate portrait, allowing you to display him without his iconic helmet. Of course, this opens him up to telepathic attacks. His cape is poseable via hidden wires in the cape.

Magneto is scheduled to release later this year and will run you $750.00. Preorder now and take advantage of Sideshow’s  payment plan.

Marvel Magneto Marvel Maquette

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