Sideshow Exclusive Deadman by Prime 1 Studios Now Up For Preorder


I can honestly say I am not a fan of Deadman. He’s a superhero who’s dead. Apparently he was murdered by an assassin and now seeks justice as a ghost. He also can’t interact with the corporeal  world unless he possesses the body of a living person. Not really a compelling character by himself, though i could see how his abilities could lead to some interesting stories. He is currently a member of the Justice League DARK team.

While I am not a fan of his, I am quite intrigued by this statue from Prime 1 Studios. The detail on this piece is amazing! Prime 1 has been doing some awesome work with their pieces. You should check out their Transformers line when you get a chance.

The standard Deadman figure only comes with the happy face, but like most Sideshow Exclusive pieces, it comes with an alternate portrait. This head turns him from Casper the friendly ghost to straight up Poltergeist. It’s nice to have options for your display.

The detail and creative license they took with making Deadman’s pretty simple costume into something quite striking is just awesome. His normally plain red costume has been transformed into the Bolton sigil. He looks like a flayed man with exposed musculature and spine.

This is an amazing piece that Prime 1 has produced of a character I’m not sure many will care about, but everyone should give Deadman a chance. This version will set you back only $949.00. Of course if that is too steep, Sideshow offers a payment plan. Head over to Sideshow now to preorder yours.


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