Transformers Masterpiece MP-39 Sunstreaker Images & Impressions

My wife has hit the ball out of the park two years in a row! Last year she got me Masterpiece Ironhide and Wheeljack. This year, she got me one of my all time favorite G1 characters, Sunstreaker! I was almost surprised but my 4 year old kind of spoiled it unintentionally. I was watching the Toy Dojo review of the figure, which is coincidentally where she purchased it, and he blurted out, “We got you that!” What’s crazy is that they intentionally left him in the car with another relative to avoid that!

First, the vehicle mode is nearly identical to Masterpiece Sideswipe. They are brothers so it makes sense that they would look alike. Of course, Sunstreaker has that cool engine on the back that makes him stand out. I think for licensing purposes they had to have an option for it to look like the stock car. This is done by clever engineering that allows it to flip over.

Where this figure really shines though, is in bot mode. This. Is. Gorgeous. It looks like it jumped out of the classic show and into a 3d form. Getting him into this form was fairly easy as far as Masterpiece transformations go. The only minor issues during transformation came from one of the doors and getting the side view mirror ticked in properly. I felt like it was going to break trying to tuck it in.The second issue was getting the backpack collapsed properly. The first time I did it I forgot to fold in a couple of panels and attach the hook. I wish there was a similar hook on the original Rodimus Prime release.Without the hook, the backpack is a floppy mess.

This a nicely articulated figure. It has a waist swivel that is slightly obstructed by the backpack, though you can still twist it. He is fun to pose with joints that ratchet nicely.

As far as accessories, he has three faces, two guns, a Halloween mask and the Chip Chase figure. The small black gun hides nicely in his leg and clips onto a panel. The larger gun does not seem to have a place to store when he is in vehicle or bot mode.

He has a couple of hidden features on him like a hidden gun in car mode and flip up headlights.

Overall, this is an amazing figure that every Masterpiece collector should add to their collection. My figure was purchased from Toy Dojo. Head there now to get yours.

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