Marvel Select Spider-Gwen Images & Impressions

If you’re like me you probably haven’t done a whole lot of shopping for yourself this month, if for no other reason than to avoid the crowds. I told myself I wasn’t going to purchase anything until after Christmas but I couldn’t pass on the new Marvel Select Spider-gwen figure by Diamond Select Toys. But is it worth buying if you already have a different Gwen? Let’s take a look.

The only other Spider-gwen figure I have is the Absorbing Man Wave Marvel Legends figure. This Gwen is taller than her. But that is to be expected as the Select line is in a larger scale. I compared her with my Select Gamora and she is about a head shorter than her. I also compared her with The Destroyer…

The paint is…okay. The mold is great but the paint doesn’t always line up great. This is most noticeable on the arms. The blue bleeds through in some parts and looks a bit messy. The face deco looks flawless on the mask. No issues at all here.

As far as accessories Gwen has an unmasked head, a pulled back hood piece and a couple pair of alternate hands. For the most part there is no issue with the accessories, however the Gwen head isn’t great. It is an okay likeness,  but that’s not the issue. The problem is that it makes her neck look too long. It’s the same with the masked head but it is better disguised by the hood.

The articulation is decent though not as good as the Disney Store Exclusive Gamora Select figure. The joints are a little stiff on the arms and the leg design makes it a little difficult to get into dynamic poses. There is waist articulation as well as an ab crunch that doesn’t crunch a whole lot.

The included base features a defeated Living Brain. It’s not one of her villains but it looks really good. I might use it for my Superior Spider-Man figure instead. It would have made more sense for her to come with a wall she could be posed on.

Even with its minor flaws, this is a pretty great figure. I bought mine at Titan Moon Comics in the Austin/Cedar Park area, but you can find her online at Entertainment Earth. You should definitely add her to your shelf.

Marvel Select Spider-Gwen Action Figure
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Spider-Gwen Marvel Statue

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