Dark Tower Select Action Figures Up for Preorder!


I have to confess. I have not read any of the Dark Tower books. I haven’t read the Marvel Comics series. I have not seen the film with which it is associated with. To be honest, I see the name Stephen King on something and I instantly think about The Stand and the Langoliers. Perhaps I’ll give the books a go after I finish reading through the current Song of Ice and Fire books.

Like most movies based on a property like this, there is the accompanying products to have a tangible piece of the story around always. Diamond Select Toys has produced two new figures in their Select line for fans of the books and film.

The first figure is based on the Gunslinger character in the likeness of Idris Elba. From my research(Wikipedia) on him, he appears to be the last in a line of knights descended from an alternate King Arthur. In the books he is making his way to The Dark Tower for, um, reasons.  Based on what I have seen from previews Diamond did a pretty good job of capturing the likeness of Elba.

The Man in Black is the films antagonist played by Matthew Mcconaughey. It mostly looks like him, though it does seem just a bit off. Mind you it doesn’t look bad. It just doesn’t quite look like him. He is a demonic sorcerer who serves the Crimson King. He has no relation to the character in Westworld.

Both figures come with a base to stand the figures on. Order Dark Tower Select Action Figure Series 1 Set from Entertainment Earth! Or if you just want one or the other, you can order them individually as well.

The Dark Tower Gunslinger Select Action Figure
Order The Dark Tower Gunslinger Select Action Figure from Entertainment Earth!

The Dark Tower Man in Black Select Action Figure
Order The Dark Tower Man in Black Select Action Figure from Entertainment Earth!

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