Hasbro Releases Official Packaged Images Of The Upcoming Black Widow & Ghost Rider Vehicle Packs!

I think most who have been following these since they were first revealed may have seen these last month when they were revealed on the Hasbro Pulse Instagram. Today they decided to send out the images to for everyone not following that account.

I’m sure it’s been said before, but it is just plain awesome we are getting these. I think back in the Toy Biz days, there were a few figures who got rides like WonderMan and Ultron, but for those of us who didn’t start collecting Legends until the Hasbro days, this is an awesome time to be a collector.

I like the fact we are getting an alternate head with Black Widow. Hopefully it will fit on the Vintage line figure to replace the Mary Jane head. We have seen them do this before with the Dark Phoenix two-pack where we got a calm Jean Grey head to replace the really bad head sculpt we got the first time around.

There is no official release date yet, but with the release of packaged photos, a release date shouldn’t be to far away. What do you guys think of these? Are they must haves for you too?

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