Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Statue Up for Preorder(And Available At Your Local Comic Shop)!


I can’t believe Harley Quinn is 25 years old! I’m not going age myself and say how old I was when the episode originally aired, but I will say I’m older than Harley and younger than Batman.

When I think of Harley, this is the incarnation that comes to mind. With the release of Suicide Squad I’m sure everyone is enamored with the Margot Robbie version, and while it’s works for live action, it doesn’t quite do it for me. I think it would have really highlighted how looney she is if she was running around in the classic suit.

Harley is going for 49.99 on Entertainment Earth and will ship sometime in January. If you can’t wait you can try your local comic shop as she should have been released last week.

Batman: TAS 25th Anniversary Harley Quinn Statue
Order Batman: TAS 25th Anniversary Harley Quinn Statue from Entertainment Earth!

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