Marvel Legends 12 inch Wolverine Up for Preorder!


The Marvel Legends 12 inch line is a strange experiment. The figures themselves look amazing, but the price turns a lot of collectors off. I am one of them. Maybe we don’t need to get them all, but the one that can be a focal point for your collection.

For most X-Men fans Wolverine is a major focal point of the franchise. Perhaps this figure will be the one to give the line a spark and take off. For the most part they have been upscaled versions of the 6 inch line with the exception of Thor.

This Wolverine comes with a decent amount of accessories. You get an unmasked head, masked head with battle damage, a cowl for the unmasked head, an extra pair of hands and some battle damage shoulder pads. The only thing I wish they would have included is a head with cigar. But, seeing as this will be in the kids toy aisle, I can see why they didn’t.

Logan is currently up for preorder on Entertainment Earth for 49.99 with an expected release some time this month. I feel Wolverine will fly off the shelves at retail, so save yourself some gas and get yours from Entertainment Earth now.

Marvel Legends 12-Inch Wolverine Action Figure
Order Marvel Legends 12-Inch Wolverine Action Figure from Entertainment Earth!

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