Walgreens Exclusive Titans Return Clone 2 Pack Images & Impressions

We are at the end of the road for Titans Return. Power of the Primes has begun hitting shelves and that means no more releases in this awesome line of Transformers. Well, almost. Walgreens has now begun receiving the new two-pack set of Cloudraker and Wingspan.

If you grabbed either of the five figure sets, you will notice some similarities between these and the legends from those sets. These guys are the clone brothers of Pounce and Fastlane.

Wingspan is a Decepticon who transforms in a neat little eagle. The colors on this figure are classic Decepticon and help to make this figure really stand out. He could have used a bit more paint on the head to help bring out the features of the face sculpt more. The all white head looks very plain compared to the rest of him.

The transformation is pretty simple, as it should be for a Legends figure. I do wish that there was a way to hide the toe in bird mode. Even with it still visible, this is still a cool little bot.

Cloudraker is an Autobot who transforms into a futuristic plane of some kind. Compared to Wingspan, his red and white color scheme seems a little plain.

His transformation is just as simple as Wingspan’s but it did give me a little trouble. Getting the nose cone in place seems to put stress on the plastic hinge so I was worried about it possibly breaking.

Overall, this is a cool set of legends class figures and will look great in your display. Even more so if you have their brothers. Head to your local Walgreens to grab your set now.

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