Gamestop Exclusive Marvel Legends Deadpool BACK IN BLACK Images & Impressions

At this point I think we can all agree that Deadpool is the new unofficial face of Marvel Comics. He is everywhere and at one point, was on nearly every team. With him being so popular, it is only natural for him to get a lot of comic exposure and this includes mini-series outside of his monthly. One of those is the Deadpool BACK IN BLACK story that finished up just over 6 months ago. In it, Deadpool gets the symbiote shortly after Spider-Man rejects it and Eddie Brock acquires it.

The figure is an exclusive to Gamestop which kind of annoyed me at first. I have never had luck finding figures there. Luckily they offered preorders and they are also selling it on their website so it is easy to find. The location I reserved mine at also had in the 12 inch Weapon X Deadpool and the Nerf Deadpool deco guns.

This is a pretty cool figure! I’m not a hundred percent sure, but I this this is the same body mold as the Juggernaut wave Deadpool with feet similar to Carnage.

The accessories are minimal but offer a different display option and just like the Ben Reilly Spider-Man, almost warrant another purchase to display him both ways. The alternate head is from the Superior Venom with a new deco and the hands are the same as with Carnage. The tendrils are from the Agent Venom figure.

The swords are pretty nice. I have said it before, but I love when a figure has swords. I’ll have to keep an eye on my boys to make sure these don’t come up missing.

For what is essentially a kitbashed figure, it works. This is a fun figure that will satisfy just about every Deadpool fan. The only issue I have with it is the “Venomed Out” head. It was really tight trying to switch it and was really stiff as far as articulation with it on. Also the second sword hand felt a little loose. None of these are reasons to not buy it though. Just something to be aware of. He is available now on the Gamestop website and in most of their locations now.

Pistol and rifle not included

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