Super Powers Wonder Woman DC Comics Maquette by Tweeterhead Up For Preorder

Wonder Woman has always been my favorite DC comic. I remember the first comic I bought, well my parents bought, was the trade paperback for The Contest. In the story Hippolyta required Diana to prove herself worthy again to be the Wonder Woman. She opened it up to an outcast group of Amazon’s and one of them, Artemis, bested Diana and took the mantle from her. Her mother planned it this way because of a prophecy that said the Wonder Woman was going to die.

This figure evokes the same feelings that I had when I first read that story. Made by Tweeterhead, the Amazon Princess stands at an amazing 13.5 inches tall on her base and features her iconic red and blue costume with bulletproof bracelets and lasso of truth.

Preorder this figure now to add it to your collection.

Wonder Woman Super Powers Statue
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