Marvel Legends Black Panther Full Wave & BAF Revealed!


Right now, the London Comic-Con is happening and there is Legends news to report! While we have previously seen individual images of the upcoming wave for the new movie, we only saw the comic figures. Well Hasbro has just unveiled hi-res images of the entire wave and the build-a-figure Okoye.

Initial reactions on social media have been lukewarm, mainly in regards to the BAF, Okoye. I’m on the fence about it. It’s cool that this character has been made, but it doesn’t seem worthy of a BAF slot. It doesn’t help that her design looks very similar to Nakia.

Let’s move on to the figures we are getting in this wave. First up is the the king himself T’challa, aka Black Panther.

I didn’t get the first movie Panther figure, mainly because it was near impossible to find. I’m not sure if I will get this one either mainly because I have the Wal-Mart exclusive version and I don’t see the need to add this one. That being said, the design is nice and I may have to break down and get it for the improved T’challa head.

The Erik Killmonger figure may be an exception to my “no movie figures” rule. This suit looks awesome! It looks essentially like a Black Panther suit with gold accents, but it works. Moviewise, I am a little disappointed he is pretty much a Panther clone in regards to the suit.

The final movie figure Nakia, looks great. The head sculpt looks great and is a near perfect likeness of Lupita N’yongo. Her weapons remind me of the weapon Xena the Warrior Princess used. The may be another exception to the movie rule.

That’s it for the movie figures. Let’s move on to the comic based part of the wave. We have seen images of these figures before but let’s look at the again.

First up is the king of the In humans, Black Bolt. The previous Black Bolt was a SDCC exclusive figure in the Thanos Imperative set. I thought I would never get a chance to get one as I usually miss out on SDCC, but Hasbro came through for collectors.

The next king we have is the ruler of Atlantis, Manor. The previous Manor we received was a Walgreens exclusive and featured him in his modern costume. This is the old school swim trunks version.

You can’t release a Legends wave without some kind of Ironman figure so we are getting the Marvel NOW! version of the Armored Avenger. He will fit in quite nicely on my Ironman armor shelf.

Though they aren’t part of the BAF wave, don’t forget to complete your Black Panther collection with upcoming two-pack featuring Shuri and Klaw.

There is no official release date yet, but with the movie coming in February, I could see this hitting stores probably late November/December. When preorders go live I will update this post with links so stay tuned.

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