Marvel Legends Vintage Wave Black Widow Images & Impressions

The Vintage Wave of Marvel Legends figures are beginning to hit shelves now. The wave is largely made up of figures we have received before without a Build-a-figure. This means you can get the figure you want without feeling the need to buy the rest.

The packaging has kind of a dollar store feel to it. It can be opened in a way that you can reseal it, though you’ll need a thin and long blade. I’m not planning on displaying it out of packaging as I am waiting for the version that comes with the motorcycle for my display.

The only figure from this wave I have not purchased in some form before is Black Widow. It reuses the Mary Jane Watson head mold and the Kate Bishop body mold.

The accessories are minimal, but make sense for her. You don’t often see Widow using much more than pistols or her wrist shooters. I think they could have included alternate hands though to better show her attacking with the wrist shooters.

I picked this up a Walgreens, but if you don’t want to search for them or you want to grab the whole set, head over to Entertainment Earth to place your order. They are offering free shipping so you will save a bit there.

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