DC Vinimates Black Lantern Hal Jordon Images & Impressions

I’m late to the party when it comes to Vinimates. I thought they were larger, less articulated versions of Minimates but that is not the case. They are more like mini vinyl statues in the style of their Minimate cousins.

Being that it is my first Vinimate, I had a choice to make on which would be my first. In this current wave of Vinimates there are four available figures;Batman, Harley Quinn, Hal Jordan & Black Lantern Hal.

I settled on Black Lantern Hal because it is a variant and I just thought it was cooler than the Green Lantern version.

I had an “issue” with the effect for his ring. It fell off. Well, more like I let my four year old play with it before I  could start taking pictures, but it was fixed easily with a little glue. Despite that, the figure feels quite substantial and does not feel like a ten dollar vinyl statue.

Now that I have this one, i think I’ll be starting a new collection of Vinimates. If you want Black Lantern Hal, you’ll have to head to Walgreens. The rest in this wave can be found at Entertainment Earth and anywhere Vinimates are carried.

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