NYCC 2017: Transformers Power of the Primes Reveals

Yesterday during NYCC Hasbro revealed more of the upcoming figures in the new POWER OF THE PRIMES line. Check out these images of the upcoming figures they posted to Facebook earlier today.

I’m really looking forward to the Terrorcons. I think the last time we got a set of Terrorcons it was around the time of Transformers: Prime. It was a combinervset in the legends scale. I passed on that set, I won’t be doing that here.

I thought these were Pretenders, but they seem to be more than that. They can also become weapons.

The legends scale figures they have been putting out have been really good with releases like Seaspray, Comsos and Kickback. That looks to continue in Power of the Primes.

I’m intrigued by this Rodimus figure because this is more or less how he looks in the current run of Transformers Lost Light.

These figures should start hitting stores next spring, so you have some time to start saving.

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