Masters of the Universe Classics Preorders Are Live!


Good news everyone! MOTU Classics Wave 2 from Super7 are now live and ready for you to fork over your hard earned cash.

There are two different four figure sets to choose from. The first set, MOTU Classics Wave 2, features Karg(from the 80’s live action film), Granite, Dylamug and Wraptrap. 

The second set, MOTU Club Grayskull Wave 2, features Mer-Man, Sorceress, Tung Lashor(great name!) and Man-E-Faces.

The sets will run you 134.99 each and can only be purchased in sets. These are all made-to-order so you can’t buy them individually. Well, you can but you have to order at least one full set first. So, after buying one set for 134.99 you can buy another Sorceress for 34.99 if you wish.

Preorders went live at 12:00 PST and runs until October 31st midnight. Don’t fret about the price tag though. They are offering a payment plan. Head to Super7 now for more details.

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