Comics You Should Check Out: Marvel Legacy #1

Alright, Secret Empire is over and it’s time for the next big Marvel Event to start. Wait. Didn’t they say no more events for a while? Legacy #1 feels like it could be an event book, but it’s more of a jumping off point for the next phase of the Marvel Universe.

The issue opens with a battle between Odin and his group of “Avengers” fighting a Celestial. It was interesting to see the past analogs of all the modern heroes. It has made me more interested in their upcoming book.

Robbie Reyes wakes up in Africa for some reason and is promptly attacked by the Starbrand, who is a planetary defense system. Starbrand seems to think Ghost Rider is there for some sinister reason and tries to keep him from getting to what he is protecting.

We also see that Iron Fist and Doctor Strange are hanging out. It seems they are having dreams of the past and Iron Fist went to Strange to ask questions. They are interrupted by a goblin seeking power, but is foiled by shrubbery.

Loki is working a plot in the background. He sends other runt Frost Giants like himself to retrieve something from S.H.I.E.L.D. that was not on anyone’s inventory. They are mostly foiled by Jane Foster, Sam Wilson and Ironheart. One Frost Giant manages to get away with their goal though he is stopped by the original Wolverine! How he escaped the Adamantium shell and how he knew about what the Frost Giants were after remains to be seen.

These were all great moments, though my favorites may have to be the reveal of the kids at the end and the fact that Wakanda has taken to the stars and now has a galactic Empire. What!? I feel the Wakanda reveal is a nod to the beginning of the last New Avengers volume and the end of Secret Wars.

I like the way this has begun, but I was fooled by Secret Empire #0 and the rest of that series was meh at best. Hopefully this leads to a story that keeps this level of quality throughout. Definitely check this one out.

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