Hasbro Reveals Upcoming Star Wars Black Series Action Figures

Most of the years big movies have come and gone and have made their way or making their way to home video. The two remaining movies that are still on my must see list are Thor: Ragnarok and The Last Jedi. Figures for the Thor movie have made their way to shelves and now we are getting a look at some of the figures from the upcoming Star Wars film.

Poe Dameron

It would be awesome if they sold his X-wing separately for him to pilot in this six inch scale.

Finn(First Order Disguise)

I feel like this figure should fall in the spoiler alert category. When we last saw Finn, he was in a coma after losing his duel with Kylo Ren.

Rose(Resistance Tech)

I haven’t watched any of the trailers past the first one so I honestly have no idea who she is, but she is apparently important enough to warrant her own figure.

Elite Pratorrian Guard

This will probably be the “hot figure from this wave of figures. I foresee lots of army building and cosplay based on this character soon.

Supreme Leader Snoke

We previously only saw a holo of the supposed big bad, but now we get a clearer look at what Smoke will look like. This will probably be another “hot” figure. There is an exclusive version coming to Gamestop that will package him with a chair.

These should be hitting shelves soon or you can preorder now at Entertainment Earth. They have the full set up for preorder as well as individually.

*All Images provided by Hasbro*

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