Marvel Legends Dark Phoenix Saga Two-Pack Images & Impressions

This two-pack has finally reached full saturation so it not difficult finding them anymore. I wanted this Toys R Us exclusive primarily because it has versions of characters from my favorite period of X-Men stories, The Chris Claremont/John Byrne era.

The Cyclops figure is fairly simple. It features him in his classic all blue suit with his hair covered. The shading on the figure gives it feeling of being worth more than its price tag suggest. As with all Cyclops figures, it would be nice if they eventually start packaging him with an alternate head with optic blast shooting out.

The star of this set is the Dark Phoenix figure. It is basically the same as the Phoenix figure we got in the Juggernaut with some improvements. The first improvement was the feet. The previous Phoenix figure is hard to pose with the heels. 

The most important improvement is the new head sculpt. The one we got previously wasn’t terrible, but it was not as aesthetically pleasing as the new sculpt is. What’s even better is that we have three to choose from!

There is the “plain” Jean Grey head that will be used from now on with Phoenix and two Dark Phoenix heads; one malevolent and the other a fully powered Dark Phoenix with translucent tips and eyes that are nicely painted.

She also comes with a little Phoenix bird of flames that fits loosely on her arm. I don’t think I will get much use of it, but I am glad it was included.

This is a Toys R Us exclusive and you should be able find it fairly easy now. There are way more of this set on shelves than I ever saw of the Spider-Man/Mary Jane set. I strongly recommend adding this set to your collection.

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