McFarlane Toys Reveals New 7″ Zero from Borderlands Action Figure

Borderlands is one of those games you have to play for yourself to get the appeal. It is a First person shooter with gun crafting elements, allowing you to create some zany combos. It also features some of the most unique characters and personalities which help to elevate it in the genre.

Zero is an assassin-for-hire whose identity and origin are unknown. Left unsatisfied after a previous target failed to fight back, Zer0 turned to Vault hunting in search of a worthy challenge.

This figure is faithful to his appearance in the game and features him in his Borderlands 2 costume. He will come with the Infinity Gun and Energy Sword, his iconic “0” hologram and will have at least 12 points of articulation. It will also come with a download code for exclusive dlc.

Zero has a suggested retail price of 19.99, but you can preorder him now at Entertainment Earth for 17.99. He will be released next February.

Borderlands Zer0 7-Inch Action FigureOrder Borderlands Zer0 7-Inch Action Figure from Entertainment Earth!