Beast Wars Megatron Up For Preorder!

Beast Wars has always had a special place in my heart as a Transformers fan. The characters  the story and the fact that it had a relationship with the original G1 show, solidified it as a classic. The animation doesn’t really hold up anymore, but that doesn’t diminish it.

Megatron was first revealed during SDCC this year and drew my immediate interest. All I wanted to know was the price and when I could purchase it. Umm, we’ll get to the price later as I don’t want to scare you away from this impressive statue.

Megatron features lights in his eyes and in the T-Rex head on his arm. This makes an already dynamic statue that much more so. The texture of the skin looks amazing and contrast quite well against the metallic portions.

This statue will have three different heads to display him with. You can choose from an exclusive battle grimace, smirk or serious face.

The base features a defeated Dinobot. Dinobot is another great character from the show. Hopefully if this stature is successful we’ll get him later.

Megatron is currently up for preorder on for a price of $1,199.00. Yeah, that’s a bit steep but for all the work Prime1 Studio put into this, it’s worth it. You can break it up into a more palatable 134 a month if that works better for you. Expected release window is November 2018, show you have time, but don’t wait to long. He’s limited to 300 pieces.Transformers Megatron Transformers Statue