Marvel Legends Man-Thing Series Blade Photos & Impressions

I picked Blade up a little while ago, but I am just now getting around to taking a good look at him. In general, it’s a good action figure, but it does not wow me.

The articulation for Blade for the most part, is really good. The only part that isn’t done so well is the upper thigh. It can go forward, but does not go back at all. It’s not a big deal as I have never thought of Blade as a dynamic pose type of character.

The paint deco is boring. It’s black and dark blue with a pop of red for the shades. It makes sense for a guy who hunts at night to be in colors that blend better in the dark, but makes for a bland appearance. 

He comes with a generic sword that may be the same as Deadpools. It looks fine, the gold paint on the guard is rubbed off a bit from the sheath. The alternate head lets you display him with a questionable haircut. His barber must hate him. He also comes with the right leg for the Man-thing BAF.

In general, this is just an okay figure. It is nice to have it though because it fills a hole in the collection, but I won’t clear much shelf space for him.

He is in stores and online now, but for some reason he doesn’t stay on the peg long. Get yours now at Entertainment Earth along with the rest of this wave.Order Marvel Knights Marvel Legends Action Figures Wave 1 Case from Entertainment Earth!