Mezcotoyz Mega Scale Lion-O & Mumm-ra Released!

Good Thundercats collectibles are quite scarce nowadays. With no current cartoon and the rumored movie not even in production,  the prospects of quality collectibles coming are not bright. Luckily, Mezco has a couple of new items for collectors to track down.

Lion-o measures just over 14″ and features 7 points of articulation. He comes with an alternate head for a more active look. There are also two Swords of Omens;long and short, and a removable claw shield.

Mumm-ra measures 14″ inches as well and features real cloth bandages and cape. Mumm-ra has eight points of articulation and glows in the dark!

Both figures are faithful to the original animation designs and come in resealable boxes with large windows so you can display them that way if you wish.

These are in stores now and I spotted these at Toys R Us. Head to your local store now to get yours. They will set you back about $40.00 bucks.
ThunderCats Lion-O Variant Action Figure - 2017 Exclusive
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