Comics You Should Check Out: Secret Empire #9

This post started as a typical ‘COMICS YOU SHOULD CHECK OUT POST’, but once I started, I felt it warranted its own post. Lets dive in!

Secret Empire has been kind of hit or miss for me. In theory, seeing Steve Rogers as a villain was an interesting concept. The sentinel of liberty, secretly a fascist. It’s not a new concept as Marvel did it twice before notably with Spider-Man and Iron man. In this case, it was a little different.

Cap has always been the rock that the other heroes could go to for inspiration to keep fighting the good fight. I’m not a fan of taking our heroes and having them break bad. As long as the story is decent, I’ll give it a chance. That hasn’t always been the case with Secret Empire.

At times, the story has seemed all over the place. But, it has produced a couple of surprises. The first was the death of Black Widow. The second came not in the form of a death, but story structure. I thought they would defeat Rogers and issue 9 would be wrap up. That was not the case.

With the upcoming Generations storyline, it makes sense to have the climax happen in the final issue. If you’ve been keeping up with the Generations oneshots so far, you have probably noticed a connecting thread of the heroes popping up in the past to when the originals were at their best or on their way to it. Perhaps a side effect of the partially reconstructed Cosmic Cube? We won’t find out until next week, but Secret Empire has recaptured my interest. You should definitely pick this one up.

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