Titans Return Legends Class Seaspray Figure Review

The Titans Return line has truly reignited my fondness for mainline Transformers. I told myself I was only going to collect Masterpiece figures and for a time, I was okay with that decision. I didn’t buy any Combiner Wars figures, though there was one exception(Devastator) that I wish I hadn’t. The line as a whole didn’t seem worth my money. Then came Titans Return. Titans Return is the second part of a trilogy of lines following a storyline. I’ve purchased quite a few Titans Return figures mainly in the deluxe scale. Seaspray is the first legends class figure I have purchased from this line and the first since Transformers Prime was en vogue. This is an awesome little bot.

The design is simple, but that’s to be expected in the legends scale. The transformation is fairly intuitive, with a little surprise. When in hovercraft mode, the rear section with the propeller can be lifted so a Titan Master can sit inside. Neat. His weapon is…interesting. When it was initially revealed during Toy Fair, I honestly thought it was a pizza box. It kinda looks like a radar gun or maybe a heat ray. Not sure. It can store on his chest in robot mode and blends in well in hovercraft mode. He scales well with the rest of the line as he is traditionally a minibot. At $10.99 retail, it is a good value. Now I have to go back and purchase all the legends class figures I missed like Cosmos, Bumblebee and Brawn. I love this line.
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