Marvel Legends Gladiator Hulk Series Ares Review

I first started collecting Legends figures with the Hit Monkey wave. I just couldn’t pass on that Archangel figure. Due to when I started collecting, I missed out on some great figures that came before. One of those was the Ares Build-A-Figure.20170817_151734

Thanks to the convenience of eBay, nothing is forever out of reach. If you’re willing to pay a little extra. In the case of Ares, a lot extra. Prior to this release, he was selling for well over a hundred dollars. Luckily, Hasbro is good to their fans and has given everyone another shot at the God of War.

When he showed up in the pages of Mighty Avengers, Ares quickly became a favorite. Carol Danvers described him as being a cross between Thor and Wolverine, which is pretty accurate. Ares is an imposing, ultra violent god who had some great moments during his tenure as an Avenger.Screenshot_20170821-210237

I love this figure! Everything about it is what an action figure should be. The articulation allows for some dynamic poses, but the hip articulation is a little dated. Most of this figure is from the original BAF release some years ago, so it’s not that surprising. They did update the feet though. This helps with stability and posing.20170817_152451 I did have a little issue with the limbs popping off while posing the figure. The head has is just a ball with no hinge, so don’t expect him to look up if you have him in a crouching position. Even if he could the helmet would prevent him from looking up anyway.20170818_113104

Ares comes packaged with 3 weapons, a helmet and the right arm to the Hulk BAF along with a hammer for Hulk. The sword is huge. 20170818_113049I’d worry about the handle bending, but the plastic is pretty thick. He has a dagger that can sheathed on his hip. The axe is my favorite. 20170817_151620Characters with swords come along every now and then, but you rarely get one with an axe, so that’s pretty cool. It would have been nice if they could have found a way to include a sheathe or clip for the sword and axe.

20170822_094605This. Is. An. Action. Figure. This figure is easily in my top five of my collection now. If they could have found a way to update the mold for the neck, it would be perfect.
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