Preorder Now: Avengers Assemble Hulk!


Today Sideshow put up for preorder their new Avengers Assemble Hulk statue. And what a statue it is! This thing is massive! As the newest member of the 1:5 Avengers Assemble line, Hulk measures an impressive 24″ that will dwarf all the other statues on your shelf.

The texture on the skin looks so realistic. It is amazing what they have done with the sculpt. The details are so lifelike. Normally I wouldn’t point something like this out, but look at those feet! It is really impressive what they have done here.

Given the statues, um, impressive price tag, it’s nice to see that they have included an alternate head sculpt. It’s always nice to have options with your display.

The base matches the other figures in the Avengers Assemble line, making for a dynamic display of Earths Mightiest Defenders.

Order the Hulk Statue today and make others green with envy.  He is sure to be a SMASH-hit in any Marvel collection!

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