Marvel Legends Gladiator Hulk Series Hela Review


This fall, the final film in Marvel Studios Thor trilogy, Thor: Ragnarok, will make its way to theatres. As usual, we are getting a deluge of new merchandise to the with the film. Over the past couple of weeks the new Marvel Legends Thor: Ragnarok line has been hitting retail and online retailers. While I don’t normally go for figures based on MCU versions of characters, I couldn’t pass on Hela.20170809_124555

I was not able to get a copy during SDCC for the comic version, but this version fills that spot quite nicely. The head sculpt for the Cate Blanchett head is done extremely well. 20170810_140654The Marvel Legends team has been using a new process to capture the likeness of the actors and it blows the previous process out of the water. The expression on her face is just awesome. The detailing on it is well done. If you look closely you can see some veins or something above her eyes. Whatever it is, it’s a nice bit of detailing that really makes the sculpt special.

20170810_140214But I won’t have this head on her in my display. Her headdress is iconic. The design of it is beautiful. With this head on, it can easily pass as a comic version of Hela. I hope she wears it often in the film.

20170810_141122She has a couple of accessories included. The first is her cape which pegs in her back. It’s good that it’s not attached so you can give her the more laid back look she had in the first trailer.20170810_140748

Her second accessory is a sword molded completely in black plastic. We don’t have a name for it yet but it looks like the Necro Sword used by Gorr the Godkiller.20170810_140232

She has standard articulation, so no surprises there. What was a surprise, were the feet. Previously with female figures we got these ridiculous heels that made it hard to pose them. While she has heels, they are much more reasonable allowing her to be posed much more easily.1503003565073434025896

I am really pleased with this version of Hela. If you didn’t get the SDCC Exclusive comic version this will work really we in a Thor comic display. Head over to Entertainment Earth to get this and the rest of the figures.20170817_152956
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