Now Available: DC Sixth Scale Figure Lobo


My first exposure to the character of Lobo was in the underrated classic, Superman: The Animated Series. His battle against Superman in the episode, ‘The Main Man’, put him on my radar as someone who could hang with Superman blow for blow. I later saw him years later on the Young Justice show where he fought Wonder Girl and Batgirl. Lobo is an iconic DC character deserving of great pieces for everyone to add to their collection. As usual, Sideshow comes to the rescue with an awesome sixth scale figure of the Main Man himself!

This ultra detailed figure features different interchangeable pieces so  you can get yours into the best possible pose to fit your liking. You can swap out his hands to hold his gun, hook & chain and exclusive hand with cigar.

The design on his vest is gorgeous. It looks like like leather but according to Sideshow it is not. Unless you count fake cow as leather.

While it can be posed, Sideshow advises against trying to get him into any crazy positions as the articulation is limited.

This is a gorgeous piece with a some cool accessories except for one. His motorcycle. To me it’s part of his character and with it featured on the box, it is disappointing they did not include one. However that should not deter you from getting it. Lobo is limited to 1500 pieces, so if you want one act fast. Even a $249.00 a pop, I don’t think it will last long.

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