Coming Soon: PREVIEWS Exclusive Godzilla Against MechaGodzilla Figure

Diamond and X Plus USA are proud to announce the latest addition to their 12”
Scale Kaiju Series with the release of the MechaGodzilla as seen in Godzilla Against MechaGodzilla PREVIEWS Exclusive
(PX) Figure.
While MechaGodzilla may have been designed to fight of a rampaging Godzilla in the film, this version has been
designed to be a stunning new addition to your Kaiju figure collection. This depiction of MechaGodzilla comes ready to
defend Japan with its skillfully painted metallic armor, meticulously detailed vinyl body, and addition of the Absolute
Zero cannon.
This PREVIEWS Exclusive collectible is featured in the August issue of Diamond’s PREVIEWS catalog. The figure comes
with a suggested retail price of $220.00, and will be in stores late January 2018. Don’t wait till January though. Figures like these are usually only in-store if someone orders it. So if you want one, head to your local shop now to lock in your preorder. Most won’t charge you until it comes in so you have nothing to lose.

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