Preorder Now: Marvel Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech No.006 Magneto

There is no X-Men villain more iconic than Magneto. He has been their foe since the very beginning. So there is no villain more deserving of a super articulated figure than him.a3967028-0dbd-4aec-988f-87fe37bcbd96

Yamaguchi’s version of Magneto is magnificent. He has 45 points of articulation not counting his cape which looks to be nicely articulated as well. No static cape poses for him!b26f5530-af67-4e11-b5ec-6ca7d699bfa9 His helmet is also removable.b1962e3d-f120-424b-9e47-0e8356e60bfe

However, those are just minor details. The real reason to get this guy is the fact that he is actually magnetic! He comes with two effects pieces with working magnets so he can hold small pieces of metal, increasing his displayabilty.5f8706ab-61f0-4dfe-b33e-507aeff192cd

This figure is currently up for preorder for $74.99. Get yours now before you miss your chance.5e713a67-525e-45e2-8c19-7ebc919c0cf1