Coming Soon: Planet X PX-09S Senectus & PX-09A Acis


This morning, third party toy manufacturer Planet X revealed a couple of limited run figures based on their seeker mold that is itself based on the War for Cybertron game by High Moon studios.

The first, Senectus, is their rendition of Sunstorm. FB_IMG_1501853888746FB_IMG_1501853924318FB_IMG_1501853927558This looks great. I like the detailing in the feet to make them look like thrusters.

Next is their version of Acidstorm. FB_IMG_1501853912422FB_IMG_1501853951087FB_IMG_1501853948033Nothing different here besides the paint scheme, though the thruster detailing comes through better on this one.

These are scheduled for a limited run in September. According to their Facebook post, orders will be done on a first come, first served basis. After these are gone, that’s it. Stay tuned for info on when preorders go live.