Coming Soon: Funko Justice League Mystery Minis, Dorbz, Pop!s, Plushies & Keychains

One of this years most anticipated movies is the upcoming Warner Bros. film Justice League. With the success of Wonder Woman it is fair to say it has a chance of being the best of the year in terms of comic films. And as usual, Funko has some awesome collectibles to tie in with the film. Lets take a look at their line of Justice League merchandise.

Mystery Minis 

The Mystery Minis are cool stylized mini(duh) versions of the characters in blind boxes. The fun of these is searching for the one you want. If you don’t want to search all over, order the Justice League Movie Mystery Minis Display Case from Entertainment Earth! The above picture is the general set that will be available everywhere. There are variations though for certain retailers.

Gamestop Exclusive
Hot Topic Exclusive

Look for these to start hitting stores this month.

Justice League Hero Plushies

Every kid has a favorite stuffed animal. Every kid has a favorite superhero. Get the best of both worlds with these plushies and give your kid a hero to protect them from the monsters under the bed.


Dorbz are the super cute stylized line from Funko that depicts the characters in in happy-go-lucky expressions. Check out this selection of Dorbz.

Pocket Pop! Keychains

What you put on your keychain gives a little glimpse of your personality. I currently have a mini Hulk, Thing, Spider-man and Storm. I am definitely looking forward to adding the Batman and Cyborg to my keychain collection.


Hot Topic Exclusive

And now finally the bread and butter of Funko, Pop!z! Most of the line has been revealed previously, but now they are showing off show retailer exclusives.

And here is a two-pack for those who like to get a deal.

Of all that they have shown, I am really intrigued by the mystery minis. The detailing and cartoonish style look really cool. Keep an eye out for these or head over to Amazon to get these and other great Justice League products.