Marvel Legends Man-thing Series Jessica Jones Review

After week’s of searching, I have finally purchased a figure from the Netflix wave. The wave first started showing up in Game stop stores randomly which made them frustrating to find. I found this Jessica at a Walgreens while looking for the new Ares figure.

Was it worth driving all over Austin and surrounding areas to find it? Yes. Yes it was.

Hasbro has a new process to capture the likeness of the actors for their figures. There was a time I  would not have thought twice about buying a figure based on an actor. That time is over. They managed to capture the likeness of Kristin Ritter quite well.

The paint job on the jeans is awesome. It’s the same that was done for the Mary Jane figure from the two-pack with Spider-Man that I have yet to acquire.

Jessica does not come with any accessories, but that’s no big deal. Other than maybe a cell phone I don’t see what they could have given her. She comes packaged with the torso piece for Man-thing. It has a rubbery texture to it it that is reminiscent of the Toy Biz version.

This is a simple figure, but that doesn’t matter. The styling of the figure and the near perfect likeness combine to make this one of the best Legends releases of recent memory. Get out there and do some legwork or head over to Amazon to pick one up and save your gas.