Comics You Should Check Out

This week we get the death of a major character in Secret Empire, the first issue of the new Betty Paige comic and some interesting bots in Transformers: Lost Light. Let’s take a look at some of this week’s best releases.

Secret Empire #7 by  Nick Spencer / Art by Andrea Sorrentino

This was supposed to be the destiny issue. The issue where we see the future that the Inhuman from Civil War II predicted, become reality. We nearly got that. This event has underwhelmed me more and more with each issue. The changes in artist don’t help matters much either. With just a few issues left, I still don’t have a clear idea of how this could end well for anyone. I do know that they just killed off one of their best characters. I hope the payoff is worth Black Widows death.

Betty Page #1 by David Avallone / Art by Colton Worley

This was not what i expected. I thought it was going to be a slice of life type read where we follow Betty on her adventures in dating and being a model. Turns out Dynamite knew this was to obvious a direction so they opted for a spy angle. It works. I’m not saying this will make its way into my pull list every week, but it’s a good start.

Transformers: Lost Light #8 by James Roberts / Art by Priscilla Tramontano

So the big thing everyone is focusing on from this issue is that Lug and Anode were once male bots. Odd, but in this Transformers comic that’s not not really all that strange. Back to the actual story, someone is hunting blacksmiths and they catch up to Lug and Anode.

Suicide Squad #22 by Williams / Art by Padilla

The big controversy in this issue is the fact that Waller considers Batman a metahuman and at the end of the issue sends the Squad after him. Snyder has since come out and stated that this is not the case. But, maybe it is? Maybe his power is to always win. Or maybe his power is prep time.

That’s it for this week. What was your favorite release. Comment and let me know. See ya next time.