Spider-man Marvel Legends Lizard Build-A-Figure Wave Preview

This time last week Comic-con was wrapping up, but Hasbro still had something to show us from their Marvel Legends line. Coming soon we will be getting an awesome new wave of Spider-man  figures with The Lizard as the BAF!

This wave features some awesome characters who will be getting the Hasbro Marvel Legends treatment for the first time. First up is the Spider-man of this wave, Spider-punk!

Spider-punk made his debut during the Spider-verse storyline a few years back. As we have been getting characters from this storyline, this is one of the cooler versions of the webslinger to make an appearance. I love the fact that his accessory is a guitar and pick! This will probably be one of the harder to find from this wave.

Next up is a character i don’t think many people have ever given a second thought to, Lasher.

Lasher is the symbiote spawn of Venom that was forcibly extracted by the Life Foundation, an organization that believed the end of the Cold War would result in a nuclear holocaust. They created the symbiote to help protect their vision of the future. It looks like it uses the Superior Venom mold. I actually like this mold and I want to continue expanding my symbiote shelf so this is a must buy.

Mysterio is the star of this wave. This has been on my wishlist for some time and i am glad to see it getting produced. Now we just need to get a new Doctor Octopus in his classic form.

Gwenpool is a pretty new character to the Marvel pantheon and one I am not to familiar with.

The design is interesting but I have no strong attachment to the character as I have yet to read an issue of her series.

Now this is the real reason to pick up this entire wave. The all new, classic style Lizard!

This looks to be a gorgeous BAF. It feature an articulated tongue and tail so you can get him into some cool attack poses fighting your pizza Spider-man.

There are a few more figures to be revealed down the line so stay tuned for more info.

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