Walgreens Exclusive Marvel Minimates Bruce Banner’s Hulkbuster & The Leader


Just in time for the release of the new season of Avengers Assemble, the newest wave of Walgreens exclusive Minimates based on the show have arrived! While the entire wave is worthy of purchase, my eye was on the Hulkbuster two pack with The Leader.

20170622_210333This is a pretty great figure. What’s great about it is the fact you can take Banner out of the armor!20170622_211027The armor consists of pieces that go over Banner and help to increase the playability of the figure. The helmet won’t close with his hair on, but it looks cool when it is opened.

The Leader does not have any accessories but is a good depiction of the character from the show.20170622_211649

This set is on sale for 6.99 and should be available at your local Walgreens now.